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Video Wall

  • Product catagoryVideo Wall
  • ModelLG-LD490DUN-TKB1
  • Price810USD-845USD
  • Product description1. LCD splicing screen is the most stable and reliable display device, because the heat is very small, the device is very stable. 2. LCD splicing screen resolution is high, the screen is bright, the resolution can easily reach and exceed the HD standard. 3. Widely used in the major shopping malls, exhibition hall, can experience multi-screen color and style.

Valuable Size: 49'', 55''.

  1. Detailed information

Part1  Conception:

DID LCD splicing screen can be any combination: either large screen splicing, small screen splicing; either single-screen display, you can also splicing the entire screen. According to customer requirements for the application of LCD splicing screen system and system size, according to the actual application environment, select the appropriate splicing methods and the best products, design personalized programs to meet customer needs.

Part2  Detailed information

Video Wall

Model No.




Panel Size

49 inch

55 inch

Super narrow bezel


3.5mm or 1.8mm




Viewing angle(H/V)







500cd/m2 or 700cd/m2

500cd/m2 or 700cd/m2

Contrast ratio



Aspect Ratio



Display area



Response Time






Video Wall Controller(Built-in each Screen)

DVI in1   HDMI in1  VGA in1   AV(BNC) in: 4

Composite Video Input2(BNC×2)

Y,Pb,Pr/Y,Cb,Cr input1 (BNC×3)

Composite Video Output2 (BNC×2)

S-video1 (BNC×2)

Control signal input and loop outRS232(RJ45-8)

Video System


HDTV Mode480P,576P,720P,1080P


Power SupplyAC100V~240V, 50/60Hz

Maximum Power Consumption<=220W

Standby Power Consumption<=5W    


Working Temperature0°C~50°C

Working Humidity20%-80%

Optional features: IR touch

Color Gamut: 70%

Operating Temperature:0℃ - 40℃, Humidity: 10%  ~  80% .

Touch points: 10 touch

Optional accessories: Cabinets, wall-mounted, floor-type

Part 3  Features:

1. Ultra-narrow edge mosaic wall, the narrowest bilateral border can reach 1.8mm, the real seamless mosaic video wall.

2. Bright LCD, LCD screen brightness up to 700cd / m2, but also according to the brightness of the surrounding environment, automatically adjust the screen brightness.

3. Ultra-high resolution, single-screen display resolution of 1920 × 1080, full screen mosaic display resolution is a single screen multiples.

4. Video mosaic wall matrix display capabilities, built-in image magnification processor, supports a variety of video wall format, enabling 2 × 2, 3 × 3 ... m × n any installation splicing, free to support M × N, such as 256 screen Phase stitching. The signal receiver does not require an additional signal distributor.

5. High reliability, stability, stitching splicing wall support 7 × 24 hours of continuous operation. Highly reliable industrial power supply design, heat flow guide design to ensure stable operation.

6. Software control, stitching software centralized control system, the monitor splicing methods, size, contrast, brightness, color and other control, easy to operate, fast.


Part 4  Advantage:

1. LCD splicing screen long life, low maintenance costs.

2. LCD splicing screen viewing angle.

3. LCD splicing screen high resolution, beautiful picture.

4. LCD splicing screen slim and lightweight.

5. Low power consumption, low heat.

6. LCD splicing screen trouble-free long time, low maintenance costs.

7. Innovation, advanced

8. Economic


Part 5  Application areas:

1. Airports, ports, terminals, subways, highways and other transport industry information display terminal

2. Financial, securities information display terminal

3. Commercial, media advertising, product display and other display terminals

4. Education and training / multimedia video conferencing system

5. Scheduling, control room six, radio and television, large-scale studio/performance venues

6. Military, government, city and other emergency command system

7. Mining, energy security monitoring system

8. Fire, meteorology, maritime, flood control, transport hub command system

Part 6  Packing and Shipping

1.Outer protecting package could be customized if needed, our regular offer is with Bubble, Carton, Thick corrugated board carton and Wood case; Air cases is also available if it is needed.

2.Regular delivery date is about 3-7 working days about sample, 10-15 working days for mass order, customized device based on confirming about details.

3.Available trade terms: EWX, FOB Shenzhen, C&F, CIF, DDP, DDF.

4.The final packing size and details is sure according to order quantity.


Part 7  Our service:

1.We not only offer device, our own R&D teams is including shape design, and also covering software development. Any questions about our machines, we could provide you relievable question-solutions and after service.

2.During our guarantee, we will take the responsibility for any defects our products.

3.Some parts is available to be separated offered.


5.Any certificates needed please keep us informed, we will try our best to meet your demands.

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