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  1. 10 Point Touch IR Touch Screen Plastic Frame
  2. 10 Point Touch IR Touch Screen Plastic Frame

10 Point Touch IR Touch Screen Plastic Frame

  • Product catagoryIR Touch Screen Plastic Frame
  • ModelAMH-T32-T10B
  • Price71USD
  • Product description1.high-precision stability won't be change because of time or environment. 2.high-precision adaptability from current, voltage and electrostatic interference, suitable for some harsh environmental conditions. 3.light transmission ≥ 92% up to 100% (No glass), the specific light transmission rate determined by the glass. 4.long life, high durability, not afraid of scratches, touch life is also long.

Valuable Size: 32'', 49”50”, 55'', 65'', 70'', 75” 82/84''

  1. Detailed information

IR Touch Screen Technical Parameters

The classification of IR Touch Screen :

Feature: (1USB Interface, Plug & Play, Free DriverRS232 Port optional

        (2Scratch proofvandal proofDust Proof

        (3OptionalWaterproof IP65(Plastic Frame Type

        (4OptionalAnti GlareStrong SunlightAluminum Alloy&Plastic Frame

        (53mm/4mm/5mm Tempered Glass

Resolution: 32768*32768

Touch Points: 21.5 inch below is 2 points;32 inch above is 10 points

Response Time: 8MS-15MS

Input Method: Finger or other Opacity Touch Medium
Compatible OS: WindowsXP, 7, 8, 10, Linux,Mac, Android
Work Voltage: DC 5V(+4.75_+5.25V)

1. IR Touch Screen Plastic Frame(Waterproof IP65)


2.Aluminum Alloy Frame IR Touch Screen(Anti GlareStrong Sunlight)

2. No-Frame IR Touch Screen


IR Touch Screen Available for size:

1IR Touch Screen Plastic Frame optional size26‘’ 27“ 32“ 37“ 40‘’ 42“ 43’’ 46’’ 47’’ 49’’ 50’’ ect

2Aluminum Alloy Frame IR Touch Screen optional size15’’ 17’’ 18.5’’ 19’’ 23.6’’ 26’’ 32’’ 43’’ 49’’ 50’’ 55’’ect

3No-Frame IR Touch Screen optional size15’’ 15.6’’ 17’’ 18.5’’ 19’’ 21.5’’ 22’’ 23.6’’ 24’’ect.

Packing and Shipping

1. Outer protecting package could be customized if needed, our regular offer is with Bubble, Carton, Thick Corrugated Board Carton and Wood Case; Air cases is also available if it is needed.

2. Regular delivery date is about 3-7 working days about sample, 10-15 working days for mass order, customized device based on confirming about details.

3. Available trade terms: EWX, FOB Shenzhen, C&F, CIF, DDP, DDF.

4. The final packing size and details is sure according to order quantity.


Our service:

1. We not only offer device, our own R&D teams is including shape design, and also covering software development. Any questions about our machines, we could provide you relievable question-solutions and after service.

2. During our guarantee, we will take the responsibility for any defects our products.

3. Some parts is available to be separated offered.

4. OEM/ODM are welcome

5. Any certificates needed please keep us informed, we will try our best to meet your demands.

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