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The Ninth Summit of the Industry Leaders of Commercial Systems will be held

2017-11-07 14:22:27 Ao-Mihoo Read

The grand opening of the 19th National Congress in October of this year will undoubtedly attract worldwide attention as a grand gathering of the entire country in the past and the future.


At the 19th, the ceremony was sponsored by Shenzhen Commercial Display System Industry Association and China Commercial Display System Industry Alliance. It was under the guidance of Electronic Information Division of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Shenzhen Economic Trade and Information Committee, and received the official government agencies and industries Members of the Ninth China (International) Commercial Display Systems Industry Leaders Summit (CBDS2017) will be grandly held on November 17 at the Kempinski Hotel Nanshan, Shenzhen.

As the ninth summit of the leaders, this meeting will continue to work hard to build a platform for member units and the entire industry to communicate and exchange mutually beneficial cooperation on the basis of the previous development of the service industries in the summits and the promotion of industry cooperation and common progress. Earlier, the summit has been successfully held for eight, widely welcomed by the industry.


This year, under the background of the great development of AI Artificial Intelligence, the summit featured the theme of "Apparent Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence", which in time provided the industry with a platform for exploring and understanding the development of the industry in the new situation.


Business intelligence needs to evolve from 1.0 to 2.0

After more than ten years of rapid development, the commercial display industry in China has completed a tremendous change from a sprout to a major strategic industry. With the rapid development of China's economy and the revolution in science and technology of the Internet, the commercial expansion of the east wind has now encountered another new challenge: how to promote the entire commercialization of the entire system through the rapid development of artificial intelligence, rapid technological change and rapid business transformation Industry further evolution?


The dream of a smart city becomes more and more obvious under the information trend of all walks of life. In the era of artificial intelligence, human beings use machines and data to further liberate themselves from various forms of labor. The flood of waves shapes a new era, but also breeds new forces and new forces are ready to go. The established market leaders also delineate their own sphere of influence and at the same time try their utmost to control the development of the industry.

Pioneers have shot. For example, with the help of face recognition technology, security Shangxian has greatly increased the level of automation and intelligence. Based on the technical basis of motion recognition and attitude determination, the new e-commerce retail business has also taken the new road of overcoming its own invisible and invisible weakness against traditional retail. It can be said that the development and implementation of the wisdom of the business is a need to open up the brain process, the business people will show great power in this great process, to promote the entire industry evolved from 1.0 to 2.0 era.


Various cafes gathered in the industry event

The whole industry with the great evolution of artificial intelligence in the context of the Ninth China (International) commercial display system industry leaders summit as scheduled.


Based on the theme of "Appreciation of Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence", the theme of "Smart New Retailing", "Smart New Meeting" and "New Capital Appreciation of the Business" was invited to invite intelligent commercial POS terminals, multimedia messaging system integration, content production and industry Users, investment and financing, and other well-known enterprises and industry experts in the industrial chain. They start from the fields of products, technology, solutions and financial strategies to discuss the development trend of the industry in terms of intelligence and commercialization, exchange and cooperation in upstream and downstream industry chains , Innovating a new model for cross-border cooperation, studying solutions to the CCP's intellectual property development problem and setting up a service platform to provide industrial and commercial financial intelligence to promote the sustainable development of China's smart commercial display industry.

In the same period, the summit will also hold the award ceremony and selection ceremony of the Chinese commercial display brand value and innovation appraised by Nobel for the commercial display industry, as well as the launch ceremony of the "White Paper on the Development of Commercial Display Industry in China" which is highly anticipated by the industry. The summit also has investment and financing project exchange session, so that participants can include a large capital, Jiayu Fund, including a number of well-known investment company face to face exchange, looking for investment and financing opportunities for cooperation.

Smart Business Display Industry Giants: Samsung, LG, Ali, Intel, Google, Tencent, Huawei Hass, Barco, BOE, Huaxing, CLP Panda, iFLYTEK, TCL, Changhong, Skyworth, Konka, Hisense, Machinery, Kang Dexin, Kerente, depending on the source, Delta, Kang crown, Hikvision, Hong together, Philips, UOB, Shang Tang, Chi micro intelligence, letter Yi, Yi Hui, Shanghai Xian Shi, Paul Trinidad and Tobago, Long Country, handsome Ying, Abode, China Information Technology Co., Ltd., as the United States and Thailand, fast Leopard convergence, super bright, Yang of CNAC, extension, Qipu photoelectric, as the new electronics, Color, Aowei Cloud Network, Ao Mai and, Union Hengda, vertical constant, research Sheng core control, Xinwei Vision, sharp vision, a new Connaught, Qianhai financial Union, a large capital, Jiayu Fund, Rice Venture, Taiwan Digital Signage Multimedia Alliance and many other famous enterprises will attend and participate in lectures, dialogues and other activities. These industries stars, companies not only share valuable experience, but also a potential high-quality partners, popular in the industry sought after.

Do not miss the new trend in the industry


The three topics "Smart New Retail," "Smart New Meeting," and "New Capital Empire," which are based on the theme of "Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence," will all be deeply interpreted and fully discussed during the summit.


On the afternoon of the conference, there will be two sub-forums of "smart new retail" and "smart new conference". Famous companies such as Intel, BOE, CRE Capital, Yihui, Microstep and Longland will present their speeches to the industry Share your own professional insights in new retail and new conferences.

At present, the new retail based on technology such as artificial intelligence has attracted a great deal of attention in Chinese society. Various unmanned business formats challenge the inherent cognition that people have formed for a long time. Fiery market topics, Ali, Jingdong and other unmanned restaurants, shops, convenience stores, etc., and in these formats, the performance was particularly prominent. With the aid of Shangxian, the future picture of human life opened in advance for us.


At the same time, with the current capital strength, the degree of synergy and interaction with the capital market and other factors profoundly affect the market competitiveness of enterprises in the era of industry without capital participation, there will undoubtedly be suspect from the reality of the market. Therefore, the wisdom of commercial investment and financing projects such as Jiayu Fund, a big capital and other star companies to participate in the depth of the meeting will be particularly attractive to participants.

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