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Panel industry peak this year

2017-10-29 10:36:05 Ao-Mihoo Read

IEK estimates 2018 Taiwan panel industry output will grow flat. IEK said that this year is the peak of the panel industry, although the development slowdown next year, or better than last year; suggested that the industry actively develop niche products, increase the added value and improve profitability.

Industrial Technology Research Institute Production Center (IEK) 25 published in 2018 panel industry observation. As the panel industry will develop an average cycle of every five quarters, the current panel industry is in the stage from the peak slowdown, the estimated 2018 panel industry output will grow flat, the annual growth rate of about -1.7% to 1%.

IEK pointed out that due to the global demand for electronic products from 2015 to 2016, the global panel prices continued to test a lower impact on Taiwan panel output value, especially the major panel and other major product output value has been three consecutive years of decline, but 2016 second half, the Chinese mainland , The United States and other market demand rebounded, the major manufacturers revenue and exports are beginning to resume positive growth.

IEK manager Lin Zemin pointed out that although the growth rate slowed down next year, but this year's estimated output value of NT 898 billion yuan, the growth rate of 10.6%, of which large-size panel output accounted for up to 66%, small and medium size is about 32%.

Observed in the first 8 months of this year, panel exports, a substantial growth of 65.5%, mainly because the Chinese mainland market growth, and Taiwan more than 90% of the panel exports are all mainland China. In the first eight months of this year, individual panel makers total revenue of more than 2 percent, the main manufacturers such as Choi Jing, group growth of more than 3 percent, CPT, AUO is more than 10% growth.

IEK said that mainland China panel production capacity gradually out, after 2018 oversupply pressure is still large, large size panel may be loose, and high generation capacity to join, may affect the price decline.

IEK analysis, the Taiwan panel industry accounted for more than 2 times the size of small size, but large and small size panel added value of 24% and 29%, equivalent to the average value of the manufacturing sector in Taiwan, but the surplus and pay Is still low, the added value mainly from the fixed capital consumption, adverse industrial upgrading and transformation.

In the face of oversupply market conditions, as well as the mainland industry, such as BOE, Huaxing photoelectric and other next generation panel production is about to open, and Hon Hai investment projects in the United States will cast production, IEK suggested that domestic industry should develop such as vehicle, Medical and other high unit price and high gross profit niche products, combined with intelligent manufacturing, the development of industrial added value.

Qunchuang photoelectric technology development office director Yang Qiulian said that as the second quarter of this year began to TV prices loose, I am afraid will affect the panel industry profits, but the Taiwan panel industry in the production capacity with the product response to the response, or enough to maintain the overall revenue Profit. She pointed out that in terms of group, the TV prices fell, but the group to the TV machine assembly business in response to change the mode of operation, or can be profitable.

She believes that the overall industry supply chain has been the trend of walking down gradually, Taiwan's panel industry layout is complete and healthy, although the face of oversupply pressure, but cut into high value-added products, and planning future business-oriented, 2018 The pressure will not be too big.

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