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Introduction to the three characteristics of infrared touch screen

2017-08-12 10:46:34 Ao-Mihoo Read

   At present, with the development of science and technology, infrared touch screen is also continuous improvement, not only the reaction speed, simple operation, but also good quality, durable and many other advantages, so in life is also very practical and common.

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Infrared touch screen is the advantage of the fingers can be used, the pen or any light can block the object to touch, and does not limit the use of range from the dark karaoke private room to Hainan Island, high-intensity sunlight can be adapted to the outside, it has the following three characteristics , The user can pay more attention when buying.

    1, transparent performance

    Because the infrared touch screen is composed of multi-layer composite film carefully formed, its transparency can directly affect the touch screen visual effects. The transparency of the infrared touch screen is good or bad measure is not just its visual effects are good or bad, we also need according to its clarity, transparency, reflectivity and color distortion and other aspects to judge.

    2, detection and positioning

    Infrared touch screen touch screen technology is the key to the performance of the sensor, because the important component of the touch screen is the sensor, so the sensor can be used to measure the quality of the important parameters of the touch screen. There are many types of sensors, and infrared touch screen sensor is used in infrared technology, higher reliability, worthy of choice. In addition, the touch screen sensor and positioning process determines the touch screen stability, reliability and service life.

    3, the absolute coordinate system

    The traditional mouse uses a relative positioning system, and its previous position. And good quality infrared touch screen is the use of the absolute coordinate system, where you need to control where the point, each location with the coordinates of the previous position without any relationship, the use of more fast and convenient, more practical than the relative positioning system. And the data of each touch of the infrared touch screen is converted to coordinates after calibration, so the output data of the same point in this case is very stable. And high-quality infrared touch screen can effectively overcome the shortcomings of drift, trustworthy.

    To sum up, infrared touch screen with these three most basic and most important features: transparent performance, the absolute coordinate system and detection and positioning. So customers in the choice of infrared touch screen can also be based on the three characteristics of the standard to measure and choose, so the selection of infrared touch screen more trustworthy.


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