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How to buy to buy cost-effective touch one machine?

2017-08-12 10:45:56 Ao-Mihoo Read

 In the first purchase of touch one machine business, the heart certainly on how to buy a cost-effective touch one machine confused. As the saying goes: everything is difficult at the beginning, a return to the two back to the cooked, and more to see, the hearts of a few natural, you will know that touch one machine which models, what advantages and disadvantages of the purchase touch one machine great help.


Buy touch one machine, we can proceed from the following aspects:


    1, power supply. Touch the power supply is as a support for the contents of the support of the pillars, choose a stable high-quality power supply is very important;


    2, style. Buy touch the purpose of one machine, was originally to attract the eye, won the attention of consumers. Buy a stylish touch one machine, do not want to attract the attention of passers-by is difficult And its passive waiting to be concerned, it is better to take the initiative to attract the eye. So that the effect of advertising will be more with less.


    3, performance. Attention to touch one machine display brightness, resolution, touch one machine response time, lamp life and other parameters. Superior performance to ensure the normal operation of the operation, to extend the service life.


    4, pre-sale service. For example, whether there is a professional home to guide the installation, sale of any problems, a professional maintenance staff at any time to give maintenance treatment. Touch electronic has been adhering to the highest level of service: customers would like to think, ask the customer's needs. The purchase of the public as the Canton advertising machine, which is completely assured.


    5, manufacturers. Touch one machine manufacturers is also very important choice, which is touch the quality of one machine and the protection of late maintenance. Can look at the field, focus on the size of the touch one machine manufacturers, configuration, production, if possible, you can go to the application case site site visits, to experience the performance of the product in the end, enough to understand the Know the touch one machine manufacturers touch the end of the machine in the end worth not trust.

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