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With the growth of the digital industry, privacy culture will be the industry's future sustainable development of a key

2017-08-08 11:48:57 Ao-Mihoo Read

The data helps to innovate in product and service design, ensuring the efficiency of supply chain management and the effectiveness of marketing. Personalization is the key to the digital customer experience, the "digital transformation" concept behind the real power. Whether you are placing orders, confirming airline or hotel reservations, or pre-purchase search and research, we expect simple, automated processes; expect companies to understand us, remember our purchase records, record customer requests, and know that we last The mailing address has been updated.


Even the simplest cell phone, is also a miniature data gold mine. Two people talk on the phone, on the surface they are doing a simple conversation, but in the process, the database is collecting information about the location of their call, the length of time and dialogue, and how the relevant information with the other digital activity of the caller data. Among these, the more important is metadata - the data describing other data.


The data has become the new currency on the mall today, and the industry and the leadership are aware of this and see it as important as capital and key resources, and to manage and use the data collected in a comprehensive manner.

But to a certain extent, the content and experience of people's lives began to be regulated.


When we click "Agree" on the Internet privacy statement, we do not know exactly what the last data record looks like. And enterprises in the creation of our data on the data, it will not go wrong? Although some people may have different views on privacy; some people do not mind sharing everything, others want not to reveal too much personal information; but more people fall into it, no retreat, even if the initiative to manage their own data , Often because they can not start, helpless and give up.


But as consumers and customers of us, or have the right to know what data collected, how our information is used and so on.

At present, almost no country has a complete privacy law for digital privacy issues, but as more and more countries are attracted by the digital business economy, many companies are more aware of the long-term potential of the data economy, The government has begun to devote energy in this area to develop more comprehensive laws to protect people's privacy. The wave of big data is rapidly expanding, and these "unwritten spaces" have been rewritten with "new law".


In the digital age, we gestures, turn around, will be left behind our "digital bread crumbs". How to deal with data will be more important than ever before; and with the digital industry growth, privacy will be the industry's future sustainable development of a key. Companies should be more cautious in the design of digital products, services and solutions, and give priority to the privacy of users, along with the growing implementation of data law around the world, the development of privacy culture has become an important part of digital activities.


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