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The differences between Touch all in one PC and the Electonic whiteboard

2017-06-28 14:10:43 Ao-Mihoo Read

    Whiteboard application teaching field has been for many years, and now touch all in one pc is catching up in the field of education gradually eroded by the electronic whiteboard market. How can the touch all in one pc  take advantage of the education market in such a short period of time? what is the difference between whiteboard and touch all in one pc?

1, Touch all in one pc simplifies the school multimedia teaching equipment configuration. Previously needed projector + notebook, exchange all-in-one + projector, now only need a piece of touch all in one pc.

2, Put aside the cumbersome cabling, touch all in one pc only need a power cable can be, now touch AIO PC are basically support wifi function. Also eliminates the need to plug the network line of trouble.

3, Touch all in one pc generous appearance simple and stylish

    Simple operation, and long service life, relative to the whiteboard for the use of ultra-low cost. The use of the whiteboards used by the projector, the product varies greatly, the use of a period of time, the need to replace the projector or rear projection of the lamp, each replacement cost of about 2,000 yuan to 6,000 yuan, an increase in the use of electronic whiteboard in the latter part of the cost. And touch one machine life of up to 50,000 hours, the other use of almost no cost.

4, Touch AIO PC function integration, human-computer interaction

    Touch AIO PC is a collection of electronic whiteboard software, computer, TV, host, monitor, speaker as a whole, quite convenient. Touch the one machine health and environmental protection, safe and reliable: zero radiation, low power consumption, no noise, is conducive to the protection of glasses and good health; TV display, to avoid the teacher in the former lecture class, the projector light direct shooting glasses hazards , So that teachers and students from chalk ash.

5, High clarity and high brightness

    The picture quality of the educational machine is 4-5 times that of the projector. Even in the sun, it can enjoy the clear picture, the curtain of the "dark age" screen after special treatment, anti-scratch, anti-corrosion, easy Clean, anti-impact, with anti-reflective screen, scattering technology; display from the light, infrared and other effects, writing screen without shadow.

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