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AMH Outdoor Kiosk is well designed for retail and advertising market

2017-06-28 14:02:41 Ao-Mihoo Read

    Available for both floor- and wall-mounted types, AMH Outdoor Kiosk is well designed for retail and advertising market. It is fine suited for installation in airports, railway stations, shopping malls and other points of sale, as well as for outdoor advertising applications, under complicated outdoor environments, like strong sunlight, rain, humidity, cold.


    What’s more, it comes with some options that allow for audience interaction: touch technology, camera for audience measurement, Wi-Fi and 3G for remote communication and management. Thanks to these features and through the display’s compatibility with social media and mobile devices, you can maximize your audience reach with unlimited flexibility and creativity.


    Next to being fully configurable on a system level, its look and feel is stylish and customizable. Featuring a choose-able concept of printable skin colors – based on a standard core – the kiosks can easily be reflected with your customer’s brand image or logo. By communicating messages in an attractive, interactive and reliable way, AMH LCD kiosks lengthen people’s dwell time and allow you to maximize the impact of your demonstration out-of-home to consumers.


    The rugged and reliable AMH Outdoor Kiosk features integrated brightness control, temperature management, content and display management as well as opening content/display management modes under Windows and Android platform.

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