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Shenzhen Ao-Mihoo Electronics Company Limited launched New Android HD LCD Player

2017-06-28 13:56:06 Ao-Mihoo Read

    Shenzhen Ao-Mihoo Electronics Company Limited launches New Android HD LCD Player, which adopts the professional Android Play board, integrated new generation Dual core CPU A20, and fine Graphical Processor Mali 2D/3D. This Android play board is fast, functional, with compact structure design, proper for various sizes LCD Advertising Players.

    Ao-Mihoo New Android HD LCD Player supports the current popular Android 4.2 intelligent operating system, more smoothly with its open system to support various types of android programs on development and application, and secondary development from customers. It offers Full HD 1080P file playback, compatible with various main Video/Audio/file/Image format, supports various languages for local application. The player real time playbacks the dynamic data components, like news, weather, financial, and so on. And its screen displays flexible display format , covering video, pictures and other arbitrary division , partition, split-screen play.

    Ao-Mihoo Android HD LCD advertising Player occupies the easy and convenient capabilities of network communication on managing, updates,  via LAN / WAN, Wi-Fi, and full 3G standard formats. And it comes with powerful backstage management software, for end user to control/manage/update easily and remotely via PC or Cell phone.

    What’s more, Ao-Mihoo Android HD LCD advertising Player is fully compatible and support two-point infrared touch frame our own designed and developed, so as to offer end customers , consumers with smart new intuitive touch experience .

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