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Join the Asia Pacific, Shenzhen Ao-Mihoo add the intelligence for the education conference

2017-06-16 15:03:35 Ao-Mihoo Read

The third expert meeting on education for sustainable development in Asia and Asia was successfully held in Beijing, China. The expert meeting was organized by the UNESCO Teacher Education Union, the National Working Committee on Sustainable Development Education and the Asia Pacific Center for Sustainable Development Education. In order to fully demonstrate the topics of the meeting, the contents of the meeting and the results, Shenzhen Oumai and Electronics Co., Ltd. had the honor to provide more than one touch computer one machine equipment.

In this meeting, Shenzhen Oumai and electronic to provide wall-mounted touch computer one machine (and online version of multimedia information release system) to the participating experts and scholars to bring a new touch experience, high-definition video and picture display. These touch computer software interpretation of a powerful information release system, not only real-time broadcast and share the important information of the General Assembly, more touch and timely information query function, but also at any time to retrieve and show the meeting related issues and corresponding Information document content. Different from the traditional manual release and replacement information, in the Asia-Pacific sustainable development expert meeting, Omai and provided by the touch computer and the network version of the multimedia information distribution system can be under the control of the system administrator, through Smooth and timely background program management control, intelligent and timely release of data content updates, timely group management, including online web browsing and information consultation. This convenient software management, human-computer interactive experience to the experts and scholars left a deep impression. Shenzhen Ou Mai and Electronics Co., Ltd. was able to be honored to take this important task, so important, a grand meeting to provide hardware and technical equipment, completely inseparable from its deep technical skills. As a leader in the digital signage system industry, Shenzhen Oumai and Electronics Co., Ltd. since 2006 since its establishment, has been committed to the multimedia information release system, has for the People's Daily, Shanghai Benz Group 4S flagship store, General Motors Group and many other enterprises Design, research and development, production of a large number of intelligent digital signage products, it has been with Konka, Skyworth Group maintained a long-term good and stable relations of cooperation. With its deep technical experience, coupled with its constant pursuit of progress, development and innovation of the spirit, making Shenzhen O Mai and Electronics Co., Ltd. in the digital signage industry has become a leading enterprise.

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